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My slides from Lean Kanban Benelux 2011 – Commitments and Energies in a Kanban system

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I’m currently at LKBE11 enjoying the great lineup of speakers and great atmosphere.
As for my part, I’m 50% done…

Below is my Prezi for Commitments and Energies in a Kanban/Pull system.
I’ll share tomorrow’s prezi tomorrow once I finish some last responsible moment tweaks based on things I heard today and want to emphasize / relate to.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Testing Flow LSSC11 Video available at the

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If you didn’t have the chance to see me talk at LSSC11, you can check out the video over at the LimitedWipSociety WIKI.

More videos are available to LSSC members – anyone interested in Lean/Kanban/Systems Thinking should seriously consider joining and checking those videos out!




Speaking in Lean Kanban Conferences in Europe Oct 2011

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I was invited to speak in two Lean Kanban conferences taking place in Europe this fall.

I'm speaking at lean kanban Central Europe in Munich, Germany

I’m very excited about both those conferences. The speakers list is still not closed, but is very interesting on both of them, and it will also be an opportunity to hear case studies from the local region and meet practitioners. The topics for my talks are not finalized yet, I’ll update more as we close those details.

Looking forward to meeting European readers of the blog as well as twitter pals!