May the WIP Games begin…

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Preface Hatsav (Maritime squill) - By Dany Sternfeld on Flickr The day has come for FLOWer to bloom (maybe we should call it "Hatzav" (maritime squeel) after the flower that brings the autumn here in israel... btw we are in the middle of october and it feels like July, can't wait for the Vienna weather next week in Lean Kanban Central Europe 2012 - you've got your tickets already, right?) Introducing FLOWer A couple of months ago I've [...]

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Kanban Networks Exercise

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One of the approaches I've been using lately with clients is starting with whole system Kanban, focusing on Discovery and Delivery, and then potentially zoom into Team Agile in some/all streams as the organization understands the concepts of Flow, Stop Starting Start Finishing, Inspect and Adapt etc. It IS typically necessary to go to smaller batches earlier on so I recommend setting up Lean/Agile Discovery processes that pull market/product demand and create Features, MMFs and Stories from it. I want [...]

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Explore Product Owner / Team responsibilities Exercise

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I wanted to share an exercise I created in a workshop last week One of the topics we wanted to explore was the responsibilities/activities of Product Owners and the Agile Team and how do they relate. The objective of the exercise was to understand the various activities and how they map in the continuum between PO and Team and across the product development life cycle. The steps of the exercise are the following: Map all the activities related to the [...]

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How I would simulate time-boxed agile in the @getkanban kanban board game

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At Agilesparks we've recently been using the Kanban Board Game developed by Russell Heally (@getkanban) quite extensively. We use it as part of Kanban courses, sessions for Scrum teams that want to learn about Kanban, Kanban teams that are already working and want to raise their game, as well as in Kaizen sessions for project management teams. We love what the game does, and it has actually become a challenge to coordinate which of us has the game kits at [...]

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