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Interesting Trends surfacing at Agile Israel 2015

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My “Trends Keynote” is becoming a repeating feature of the Agile Israel conference. This year I chose to involve the audience by using a Kahoot survey combined with some insights that we (AgileSparks) have seen throughout the year.

First of all it was very cool to see more than 300 participants in the survey (out of ~600 in the audience). Kudos to Kahoot as well as the Israeli 3G network for surviving this onslaught 🙂

Some interesting patterns/trends that are worth sharing: Continue reading

YouTube – Agile Israel 2011 – Introducing my session on Flow Techniques for Scaling Agility

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Interested in what the hell is this flow I’m going to talk about in Agile Israel 2011? Check out this video – in hebrew this time…


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Top 10 reasons NOT to go to Agile Israel 2011

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If you don’t want to get useful agile tips and recommendations from Henrik Kniberg who authored Scrum and XP from the trenches, stay home.

If you are afraid of being exposed to bleeding edge thinking on management and leadership by Jurgen Appello author of Management 3.0, stay home

If you like being in the dark, don’t come to hear Karl Scotland shed new light on Visibility

If you prefer questions to answers, don’t come to the Agile Clinic and Ask the Expert sessions/panels.

If you are a Not Invented Here fanatic, start your agile journey without hearing in customer case studies what Israeli companies learned along the way.

If you prefer boring lectures that allow you to catch up on sleep and crackberry find  other conferences to attend. We aim to deliver interesting lectures that will make you think, interact, and actually stay awake.

If your doctor told you to avoid excitement on April 11 2011, don’t come to the conference, as we can Promise lots of fun and excitement.

If you don’t want to meet the growing Agile community in Israel, get acquainted to practitioners from companies that face similar challenges and connect to them – don’t bother showing up.

If you don’t want to hear from thought leaders about advanced techniques that will allow you to take your Agile implementation to the next level – don’t waste your time.

If you are worried that since there are several highly interesting lectures in parallel you will not be able to choose which to attend and as a result develop a headache – just don’t come.

If none of those reasons convince you not to come, join us at Agile Israel 2011 on April 11 2011 in Avenue Event Center, Airport City, Israel.