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(UPDATE: This post is quite deprecated now. For up-2-date reading lists go to the AgileSparks Per-Topic Reading Lists) I've recently gone into Seal/Whale mode and didn't have too much time to blog.  Sorry for that... To make the wait for new content easier, I'm sharing a couple of reading lists that I curated recently for use in client work. People often ask me for reading materials to help prepare for workshops/sessions so I decided to create a couple of bundles to serve [...]

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You’ve been asked to do/be X? Here is my recommended reading list

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I'm frequently asked "What do I need to learn in order to start being/doing X effectively?" In addition, when I go into organizations and want to drive an effective transition, I want to give the people in the organization some background material and reference materials, that can accompany training and coaching activities I'm doing. I believe most of the people I'm dealing with are intelligent and motivated, and can learn a lot on their own. Some of them even learn [...]

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