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Recent Reading Lists

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(UPDATE: This post is quite deprecated now. For up-2-date reading lists go to the AgileSparks Per-Topic Reading Lists)

I’ve recently gone into Seal/Whale mode and didn’t have too much time to blog.  Sorry for that… To make the wait for new content easier, I’m sharing a couple of reading lists that I curated recently for use in client work. People often ask me for reading materials to help prepare for workshops/sessions so I decided to create a couple of bundles to serve as reading lists. – As the name says, this is recommended reading for our AgileSparks Management Workshops (The approach we use to help organizations choose how to start their Lean/Agile journey) – An initial reading list about Kanban (used to introduce AgileSparks clients to Kanban in preparation for an engagement) – Advanced Kanban Reading/Watching Materials – ScrumBan  – collection of resources about the mashup of Scrum and Kanban (as requested by a client of mine recently)

And finally, for my hebrew-speaking audience –, which as the link hints is material about Kanban in hebrew.

And from the archives – What do I need to read to become a product owner (I’m also working on one specifically around story slicing/splitting – see a preview at

Happy holidays and new year everyone, hope to be back with some fresh material in 2013…

PS let me know if there is a key resource you are missing in one of those reading lists, or a key list that I’m the right guy to curate…



You’ve been asked to do/be X? Here is my recommended reading list

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I'm frequently asked "What do I need to learn in order to start being/doing X effectively?"

In addition, when I go into organizations and want to drive an effective transition, I want to give the people in the organization some background material and reference materials, that can accompany training and coaching activities I'm doing. I believe most of the people I'm dealing with are intelligent and motivated, and can learn a lot on their own. Some of them even learn better this way. 

This can also be useful for people trying to learn and improve on their own, without the benefit of coaching/consulting. 

I'll start to blog here recommended reading/activity lists for various topics related to agile, so that I can refer people here (instead of forwarding an old email…) as well as provide it as a resource for the community. 

The materials will be a mix of articles, blog items, books, podcasts. Some of them from Agilesparks, some what I found effective material out there. 

First item – what do I need to know to start being a product owner? coming up…

Ideas I have after that:

– What do I need to know to start doing Agile Testing? 

– What do I need to know to start being a real Scrum Master?

– What do I need to know to be an effective manager in an Agile environment?

– How do I run effective retrospectives? 


Feel free to send in requests for lists you are interested in… via comments or find me on twitter (@yuvalyeret) or elsewhere.