May the WIP Games begin…

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Preface Hatsav (Maritime squill) - By Dany Sternfeld on Flickr The day has come for FLOWer to bloom (maybe we should call it "Hatzav" (maritime squeel) after the flower that brings the autumn here in israel... btw we are in the middle of october and it feels like July, can't wait for the Vienna weather next week in Lean Kanban Central Europe 2012 - you've got your tickets already, right?) Introducing FLOWer A couple of months ago I've [...]

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Experiencing Kanban System Design

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As a Kanban Trainer I often introduce people to the Kanban Method for evolutionary change and the aspects of evolving system design and how they drive improvement. I've been looking for ways to make this introduction and exploration of the Kanban Method a more interactive experience. I love Russel Healy's Kanban Game both in physical and online form. It is THE best way to experience how to manage the flow of a Kanban system using a GIVEN system design. I [...]

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