Using card types and filters as “Virtual Horizontal Swimming Lanes” on a Kanban Board

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After a serious break from Kanban Mechanics posts, here is one for you Kanban System Designers/Practitioners out there... I've recently become a fan of the "Virtual Horizontal Swimming Lanes" style of Electronic Kanban Boards. These Boards don't use physical horizontal lanes but instead use dynamic and easy filtering to show virtual lanes. Specifically I helped several teams come up with this style to represent a 2-level board - for Features and Stories (actually 3-levels if you count breaking each Story [...]

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Kanban Networks Exercise

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One of the approaches I've been using lately with clients is starting with whole system Kanban, focusing on Discovery and Delivery, and then potentially zoom into Team Agile in some/all streams as the organization understands the concepts of Flow, Stop Starting Start Finishing, Inspect and Adapt etc. It IS typically necessary to go to smaller batches earlier on so I recommend setting up Lean/Agile Discovery processes that pull market/product demand and create Features, MMFs and Stories from it. I want [...]

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Touching your electronic kanban board

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Some of the teams I work with choose to have electronic kanban boards. Why? see for example 5 Reasons Why Electronic Boards Are Better Than Physical Boards a good new blog post from the guys over at Silver Stripe Blog. My main recommendation to those teams is to insist on having a big visible board, preferably in a public non-meeting-room space. This is useful both to ensure the daily sync meetings are casual rather than formal, as well as to have a [...]

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