Here is my talk, together with a great visualization provided by the conference organizers.

My main points were:

  • Classes of service do apply when developing products.
  • Classes of service don’t cover cases when you need to give different Treatment to different kinds of work, so I introduce Classes of Treatment for context-specific policies for “how to do the work” not just “when to pull what”
  • Kanban doesn’t prescribe teams, but what kind of team formation / organizational structure works best? Explored several options and their attributes and effect on Flexibility, Resiliency, Performance.
  • Kanban principles and practices scale, in a fractal way. You can zoom in and out as you wish.
  • The higher you go, the tougher it is to feel a day to day flow, which is the main challenge of Kanban at higher levels IMHO.


PS If you were at the talk, I’d love your feedback!

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