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Boosting agility through Invitations

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

As you probably notice boosting agility is a key theme in AgileSparks these days. We saw it as a key interest area for people in Agile Israel 2015. We are seeing lots of interest in our “Agile Boost Camp” workshops. And we are seeing more and more clients that come to us seeking help boosting their agility.

A repeating concern that came up in many of those situations is that the “spirit isn’t there”. People are running the “usual suspects” set of agile/scrum practices but it “doesn’t feel natural yet”. When looking deeper it seems like there’s a two-fold problem. The practices need to be tuned, some deeper practices need to be adopted to support agility. And when wondering why people don’t run engage into an “inspect & adapt” learning cycle it turns out that people are disengaged from this “agile thing”. Continue reading

So What Is The Agile Boost Camp Workshop?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

“This format is amazing. All workshops should run this way”.

This is the comment we heard from a recent participant of our recently created Agile Boost Camp format. In this workshop we run a truly agile-style 2 days where the participants pick and choose topics they want to address. We adjust the plan along the way, we ran short timeboxed Pomodoro style sprints and consider next steps after each. Continue reading