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Next public Kanban workshop I’m delivering – on Feb 8 2011

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The next public Kanban workshop in israel is coming up in just a few weeks – also see http://agilesparks.com/kanban+for+managers

What can you expect? Well, you might want to go check out the syllabus

So far we’ve been getting rave reviews for the workshop. It seems to be getting across the essence of what Kanban means for the product development/maintenance world.

The experience includes playing the kanban game, doing exercises and thinking about your own environment, as well as discussing the theory, connecting Kanban to the Agile world, and looking at some case studies from the AgileSparks portfolio in Israel.

I’ll be delivering this workshop, and I think it is going to be the 8th Kanban workshop I’m delivering in the last couple of months.

So if you heard about Kanban and am interested to see what it really is about – come check it out. I’d love to see you there.

Highlight slides from the Agilesparks Kanban for Managers Workshop

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Last week I ran another round of our Kanban for Managers workshop. 

So far, I'm excited about the feedback I read and hear. I think Kanban is making sense to people, and any role we as consultants can play in this is great. 

Several people want to present what they learned to their peers/management, and asked for some slides. 

I think any effective training should have a "call to action" kit you leave with. 

Slides are a good start, and I'm providing them both to participants of the session as well as to anyone who is interested or considering taking an Agilesparks Kanban training. 

I'm also thinking about other takeaways – Cheat-sheets, Posters, etc. Any other ideas of things you would like to get once you take an Agilesparks training? 

Another question – How much reading are you willing to do to come better prepared to a training day? Article? Book? Homework exercise? 

Lean/Agile Testing

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I've been a bit quiet lately on the blog front (as well as twitter for those who are following)

Mainly I've been busy preparing an Agilesparks Agile Testing training with Ronen Bar Nahor. While a lot of work, it has been a great experience. We tried to take some of the Lean/Kanban work we've been focused on lately and apply it to the Testing domain. Those following my blog can see some of that thinking already. 

Applying concepts like Limited WIP to Defects, Hardening, DONE DONE, and how to instill collective test ownership make a lot of sense for Agile Testing in our view. 
It also helps that one of the teams that has progressed the most towards Agile Testing approach is a Scrumban team…

The first round is running next week, already sold out, and we are scheduled to run it publicly as well as internally several times in the upcoming months, all in Israel (for the moment…)

If you are interested to hear more about this, feel free to contact me or Agilesparks.

I hope in the upcoming days I'll return to blogging more regularly. My next area of focus is the synergy between Agile and Theory of Constraints. Keep tuned…

Pictures from Kanban workshop for Managers

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Today I delivered the first public Kanban workshop for managers in Israel

The feedback was great overall, and there is a lot of interest in creating a community to keep taking this forward.
We’ll see how to do that

In the meantime see some pictures from the event over at agilesparks, thanks to Gil from Agilesparks for the photography!