QA Effort Effectiveness

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How do you know your QA effort is being effective ?Based on the different stakeholders which require input from the QA a typical answer might be that Product quality is high when released to customers.Assuming that is indeed more or less what someone expects (I'd say effective QA needs to answer to some other requirements as well) how does one go about checking whether the product quality is indeed high?Those who reached a fairly intermediate level of QA understanding would [...]

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Severity and Priority – The Debate

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There are a couple of alternatives for managing severity and priority in the Issue Tracker.Although there are many resources out there on this subject (see I’ll try to consolidate them and provide my 2c on the matter, as I think its an important subject.Single-field PriorityFirst, seemingly simpler alternative, is Single-field priority – representing Customer ImpactThe idea here is to only have a single priority/severity field. The reporter assigns it according to his understanding of the customer impact (severity, likelihood, [...]

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QA/DEV Protocols – Opening high quality bugs

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In another post in the series about QA/DEV protocols, I'll talk about opening high quality bugs, why its important, what are the forces operating on each side of the trench here, and try to describe an approach that might improve the state of affairs a bit.First - a definition. What is a high quality bug? To be clear, we are talking a bug report of course. The quality here refers to the accuracy of the scenario, describing exactly what is [...]

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