Its hard to embrace change…

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A key theme in Agile is embracing change. We hear time and again that change is good, we should "welcome change", yada yada yada. Most teams I see are sick of change. On one hand they are not fully exposed to the business case for change, to the sense of urgency around changing fast. On the other hand, change is HARD for them to absorb. Effectively embracing change means overcoming the cost of change curve. Traditionally, we were taught that [...]

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Agilesparks Agile VP R&D forum

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Welcome to a new blog for Agilesparks, our Agile/Scrum solutions company. On last Thu, we had the opportunity to present Agile/Scrum to a group of R&D leaders from various companies/organizations in Israel. Danko provided his signature exciting intro to Agile, followed up by a customer success story, an intro to Engineering practices delivered by yours truly, a discussion of Agile Metrics and Measurements, and a Q&A panel. Based on initial feedback we got it seems like we got people quite [...]

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