How does the performance objectives process change in a Lean/Agile world?

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Seems like every January I get questions from HR leaders in organizations I'm working with that go something like this - "We are working on the yearly performance objectives process, and we were wondering whether it needs to change in an agile environment?" The main evolution I see in the Performance management process is leaning towards measuring up and across as well as focusing on capabilities improvement rather than a set of concrete product deliverables specified up front. Measuring up [...]

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How to use Kanban to help improve your recruiting process

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Background I recently had the opportunity to talk with a couple of HR managers who were interested in how agile can help the HR department become more effective. This was a context where the product development is well into their agile journey, and we are talking about a group of about 20-30 people providing HR services like recruiting, training, social events to an enterprise R&D organization in the 1000 people range. What does agile mean for HR Well, I tend [...]

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David V. Lorenzo posts favorite interviewing questions of people on his Career Intensity BlogHere is his post about mine...At the risk of hinting the people who I interview in the future, also check out my interviewing tag on for a lot of resources on the matter.Why am I open about this?One of my main beliefs in interviewing btw is to try and understand behaviourial aspects in addition to skills. Someone might get a head start for the skills questions [...]

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