Patterns for getting to a lower WIP level in a system – The Freeze, No New Work, Limit Later, and some Mashups…

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Some of us have the luxury of designing processes for greenfield systems meaning there is no history/legacy to deal with. Typically though, we are dealing with Brownfield/Legacy systems - This usually means there is some work in the system already, there are outstanding commitments, and some existing queues between steps in our processes. I'm working with several clients that decided to start using a Kanban system to manage their work, and believe Limited Work in Process is key to improving [...]

AgileIL11 is over, what an exciting event! my Slides for Secrets of Flow are available – see below

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For those interested in my talk about Secrets of Flow, here it is: [slideshare id=7598563&doc=yuvalyeret-flowforagileil11-yuval-v1-0final-110412053436-phpapp02] see some pictures from the event as well:

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The Agile Lowest Common Denominator – Avoiding a slowdown due to the weakest link

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One of the concerns often raised when people hear about kanban is that the weakest/slowest link will slow down the whole chain. For example if testing is a bottleneck what will happen is that the whole chain will accommodate its pace. Similarly in scrum a team that actually does realistic planning will commit to a goal that stretches the bottleneck leaving other resources some serious slack. In both approaches this is indeed a valid concern. The worst thing that can [...]

Lean/Agile Testing

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I've been a bit quiet lately on the blog front (as well as twitter for those who are following) Mainly I've been busy preparing an Agilesparks Agile Testing training with Ronen Bar Nahor. While a lot of work, it has been a great experience. We tried to take some of the Lean/Kanban work we've been focused on lately and apply it to the Testing domain. Those following my blog can see some of that thinking already.  Applying concepts like Limited [...]

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Want my elevator-pitch answer to what is Kanban for a Scrum rookie?

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  Our coaching team at agilesparks runs into this question a lot.  Many of the teams we are working with are familiar with Scrum and using it. Other teams are just now going into Scrum.  Since kanban is becoming a hot buzzword, we often get asked - so what is this kanban thing? How is it related to Scrum?  We needed a good answer, that depends on the context, the amount of time you have to answer, and the maturity [...]

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Why I think slack is highly important during an Agile/Kanban transition

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(Note, this post is about slack the concept not Slack the collaboration platform. Though Slack the platform is great as well. We use it at AgileSparks and love it, although it eats up some of our slack time...) Actually, the title is wrong. I think slack is highly important during any change initiative where you expect continuous improvement of the process and practices. The importance of slack is not new. Not in manufacturing, and not in the Software Engineering world. [...]

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