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Impressions from Lean Systems and Software Conference 2012 Boston

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As I prepare to check out from the Boston Seaport Hotel which was the venue of this year’s LSSC conference (and did a magnificent job hosting us!), here are my highlights/impressions of the conference.

The buzzword of the conference seems to have been “Lean Startup”. It permeated into many talks (including mine) in two main aspects – One was the classic product/customer-focused Lean Startup as an alternative narrative to Lean/Agile. The other was taking the ideas of fast cycles of Validated Learning and adopting them as a narrative for the approach to change. This came up in Jeff Anderson’s ambitious and thought-provoking or even provocative talk about the transition participation engine as well as in my attempt to “fix” continuous improvement.

Kanban Method – Finding the Minimally Viable Change

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A perfect storm is brewing:

  • Jeff Anderson has been talking about the connection between Kanban and LeanStartup
  • A discussion about Kanban Training Materials with Mike Burrows has nudged me to give more emphasis to the foundational principles and core practices.
  • I’ve been pitching a lot of Lean Startup stuff myself to Product Owners and clients in general
  • I’ve been thinking about how to use Lean Startup Change Measure Learn cycles in our approach to change at AgileSparks (and started to do small experiments at my own clients)
  • I’m working on my Lean Systems and Software Conference 2012 talk/paper about Continuous Stagnation (Which will also be featured in similar form at Scrum Gathering Atlanta btw…)

The culmination of all this is that I created a Story Map to reflect the Kanban Method approach to evolutionary change. This maps the foundational principles and core practice areas to actual core and optional practices and can help me explain Kanban in our 2-day Accredited Kanban Training (next date is 20-21 march in Israel btw) . I’m also thinking of creating exercises using this map to explain story mapping itself as well as the concept of “Minimally Viable Change/Product”.


If you’re interested to check out how I use this in the context of my training – see an excerpt from the materials:

Sorry but no elaborate description this time. Consider this a Minimally Viable Blog Post. If there’s interest I will write more about this…
And it seems like Jeff, Jabe myself and probably Mike and others will share experiences at LSSC12. See you there!
PS: Reminding everyone that my Brickell Key Award Nominee “refbrick200” discount code is available for 5 more days (until 14/March)…
Oh, and if you want to create such a story map for yourself, here is a CSV file with the cards. You can import it into LeanKitKanban easily and probably use it elsewhere as well. I would love to see what others do with this…

Lean Conference 2012 Brickell Key Award Nomination

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I’m incredibly proud to be nominated for the Lean-Kanban-University Brickell Key Award for 2012. I’m especially proud to be among such a wonderful and diverse cadre of Lean/Kanban practitioners and thought leaders, most of whom I consider friends.

I was nominated for  my work pioneering Kanban in Israel and my global community influence.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s LSSC12 Lean Conference in Boston, The home of Lean. The program looks very exciting and I enjoyed LSSC11 and LSSC10 immensely.

If you are interested in Lean and Kanban in the technology world you should join me, the other Brickell Key Award Nominees and the Lean/Kanban community there…


Oh – and if you want to support my nomination, send an email to the nomination committee with a few words how I influenced your world. Feel free to comment here about it as well, I love feedback!

PS – As of this moment, The Holyland Kanban Book has 67 readers. Thank you for everyone who’s investing the time in reading my work! I’m inviting the rest of you to check it out as well, to help you pass the time until the conference.
I on the other hand have the opposite problem. I have my hands really full with client work, preparing for the conference, and cooking some cool new stuff for the way we do things in AgileSparks.
The downside? expect lower blogging intensity in upcoming weeks…