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Are we there yet? Assessing Agile Marketing Maturity

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This was originally published over at the AgileSparks Blog where my colleagues and I are now blogging pretty frequently. 

In a recent Agile Marketing Meetup in Boston we tried to figure out how mature are the Agile Marketing teams/organizations out there. Last week I helped facilitate a third quarterly Agile planning event (also known as SAFe PI Planning or Big Room Planning) for a group of agile marketers I’ve been working with for the past year. This was a good opportunity to ask this question.

To help facilitate the discussion I created a maturity depth assessment. I took our Lean/Agile Depth Assessment  and adjusted it to the context of Agile Marketing by looking at the Agile Marketing Manifesto. The result is a set of dimensions aligned with the Agile Marketing Manifesto as well as some deeper Lean Thinking aspects that are missing from the manifesto.

What we then did in the quarterly planning meeting was to quickly introduce this concept and then run a quick finger-vote check for each dimension asking the group where they think they were in the journey between “Not/Barely Started” to “Crushing it consistently” (Scale inspired by Mike Burrows’s AgendaShift).

BTW We initially planned to survey the group about each specific question in the survey but we sensed it was a bit too much for a Friday afternoon. Surveying for the dimensions while giving some color to what they mean by reading some of the specific criteria turned out to be a quick and valuable compromise.

After establishing where we thought we were, we asked ourselves which areas do we feel were the biggest gaps for us. This drove a fascinating discussion about how our planning process should look like, how it should balance the long-lead-time needs of marketing organizations with keeping options open and deferring commitment.

Despite the Friday afternoon “death slot” standing between the marketers and their flight homes (or drive up to the mountain to go skiing…) the discussion was lively and heated. Which was a good sign.

PS If you want a copy of the Agile Marketing Depth Assessment send me an email at [email protected].

This was originally published over at the AgileSparks Blog where my colleagues and I are now blogging pretty frequently. 

My Large Scale Kanban talk at Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011 Conference

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Here is my talk, together with a great visualization provided by the conference organizers.

My main points were:

  • Classes of service do apply when developing products.
  • Classes of service don’t cover cases when you need to give different Treatment to different kinds of work, so I introduce Classes of Treatment for context-specific policies for “how to do the work” not just “when to pull what”
  • Kanban doesn’t prescribe teams, but what kind of team formation / organizational structure works best? Explored several options and their attributes and effect on Flexibility, Resiliency, Performance.
  • Kanban principles and practices scale, in a fractal way. You can zoom in and out as you wish.
  • The higher you go, the tougher it is to feel a day to day flow, which is the main challenge of Kanban at higher levels IMHO.


PS If you were at the talk, I’d love your feedback!