May the WIP Games begin…

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Preface Hatsav (Maritime squill) - By Dany Sternfeld on Flickr The day has come for FLOWer to bloom (maybe we should call it "Hatzav" (maritime squeel) after the flower that brings the autumn here in israel... btw we are in the middle of october and it feels like July, can't wait for the Vienna weather next week in Lean Kanban Central Europe 2012 - you've got your tickets already, right?) Introducing FLOWer A couple of months ago I've [...]

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The Agile Lowest Common Denominator – Avoiding a slowdown due to the weakest link

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One of the concerns often raised when people hear about kanban is that the weakest/slowest link will slow down the whole chain. For example if testing is a bottleneck what will happen is that the whole chain will accommodate its pace. Similarly in scrum a team that actually does realistic planning will commit to a goal that stretches the bottleneck leaving other resources some serious slack. In both approaches this is indeed a valid concern. The worst thing that can [...]

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