Mercator Projection


I was just starting to listen to Senge’s Dance of Change where he talks about the Mercator map (I can’t comment on the context since I context-switched to thinking about what I’m writing here about… 🙂 and was thinking that our agile journey map (What we fondly call “The AgileSparks Way”) is kind of the Mercator Projection map:



This looks very nice, right? So why am I calling it a “Mercator map”? Maybe you’ve read my post from last week about moving from recharge to improve (If not, I really like it so maybe you should…). I think I didn’t emphasize strongly enough the real distance on the map… This version might be a more realistic map… The “mercator” version shows kick-off, stabilize, improve as larger probably for similar reasons to why europe is so big in the “mercator” version… (and Africa smaller than Greenland…) – we consultants are prone to care more about the phases where we see more action. While organizations spend more time in the stability between the punctuations.

AS Way - the real lengths

So as a token of empathizing with the people actually going through the journey… here is the real map…



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