Uncertainty & the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™)

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What is the connection between Uncertainty and the Scaled Agile Framework? Uncertainty is one of the core reasons we need to be agile. Different modes of Business/Requirements/Technology uncertainties impact our economic costs in product development - especially the potential impact of risk. The first principle of SAFe™ is “Take an economic view”. I frequently use my “uncertainty filter glasses” to take an alternative economic view. I find it helps Scaled Agile/SAFe™ practitioners/leaders understand both the need for Agility as well [...]

Pull-based Change Management

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A main theme of my work and thoughts recently has been Pull-based change. I noticed that I don't have one place that I can refer people to for my work on this subject. Until I write a book about it, here are some links: Most Recently - Bringing invitations into SAFe™ A series on the blog - See Part 1, 2, 3 Last Year Lean Kanban France 2014 Interview around using Kanban/Pull as an enterprise change management approach Blog post [...]

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Bootstrapping Agile (by yourself) using Kanban – My Agile Israel 2013 talk

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Agile Israel 2013 took place yesterday. This year was they year of "Hands on". Around 600 attendees came to get practical hands on advice on multiple aspects of the agile world. My talk was about running your agile journey on your own. This talk was aimed at people looking into agile or exploring ways to go agile for "group level" and above. I presented a mind map I recently created based on work I've been doing in the field the [...]

Can we PLEASE have some simple measures for our Product Development group?

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A lot of our clients at AgileSparks ask us how to measure their effectiveness. Some of them are already using Agile styles of product development, others are not yet there, and another important variant is the Enterprise with mixed ways of doing things, that wants to get more visibility, and use measures as a way to drive towards improvement.  As we all know, we need to be very careful what we measure, and on top of that a lot of measurements [...]

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