Flow-driven Product Development webinar w/ LeanKit

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What a week. A full exhilarating week in Boston working with a product development group which I’ve been helping the last couple of months. They recently formed into 7 kanban teams and after a Management Workshop and a Team Kickstart week this was a visit to see where they got. We worked on team dynamics, change management, WIP Limits, Flow, established a health dashboard inspired by Spotify’s Squad Health Check, and even played a cool Kahoot in that spirit. More later…

It was kind of fitting that interspersed into all of that were two runs of a Flow-driven Product Development webinar as part of the LeanKit Webinar series.  The webinar summary and recording are now available. The Prezi itself is also available here.

PS a lot of interesting questions were raised in the webinar. If you want to get answers on them, let me know and will figure out the right approach. Considering an “Ask me Anything” follow-on webinar or just a couple of blog posts or both.