Challenges Yuval Can Help You With

Product/R&D Agility

Are you struggling to maintain agility as you’re scaling/growing your organization? Do you need to disrupt yourself before you’ll get disrupted?

Improve your ability to innovate, your time to market, and value creation by leveraging Agile/DevOps principles and practices as appropriate in your context.

Strategic Alignment and Execution at Scale Leveraging OKRs

Are you just getting started on the alignment journey? Or have you already tried implementing OKRs and feeling it’s missing the mark?

Let’s improve alignment between strategy and execution – learn how to effectively use frameworks such as OKRs and Evidence-based Management (EBM) to align on strategic priorities while creating the space for empowered multi-disciplinary cross-organization teams to innovate.

Read more about our thinking about OKRs here

Business-level Operating System Leveraging Agility

Are you struggling to execute effectively on complex cross-cutting initiatives?

You will learn how to design and lead such initiatives using agility principles and practices. Over time you will learn to work ON your business leveraging lean/agile principles and practices. (aka Business as a Product).

Get Professional About Scrum and Kanban

Are you tired of the Agile Theater?

There’s so much misunderstanding of team-level agility out there. Through a combination of certified training such as Professional Scrum with Kanban, Professional Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leadership, Evidence based Management, and follow up implementation strategy/support services, you and your organization will level up your Scrum / Kanban game.


Scale Agility Leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework

Are you leading an Enterprise looking at SAFe? Are you looking to partner with a real agilist who’s also a world-class SAFe expert?

Yuval is the only SAFe SPCT (and Fellow) who’s also a Professional Scrum Trainer. Partnering with Yuval you will learn, implement, and accelerate agility at scale leveraging SAFe as just one of the elements in a holistic approach towards achieving agility at scale.

Check out the SAFe Invitations guidance article written by Yuval for insight on our approach to driving agility at scale, leveraging agility principles.

Fixing Your Agility

Does the way your organization work remind you of a fixer-upper in need of serious TLC?

Together, we will assess your current ways of working, identify key pains/obstacles and collaborate on both a strategic improvement roadmap as well as on concrete improvement interventions, with a preference for minimum effective doses rather than wholesale change.