World-class Experience and Thought Leadership

Our Principal, Yuval Yeret, is considered a thought leader in the agile space, known for his contribution to the growth and maturation of Kanban, SAFe, Agile Marketing, Business Agility, and the creation of’s Professional Scrum with Kanban.

Yuval is the only individual worldwide with the highest accreditation levels in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe Fellow/SPCT), Scrum ( Professional Scrum Trainer – PST), and Kanban ( PKT).


Descale to Scale

We find that the key to effectively scaling an organization is to create a team architecture/topology that minimizes the need for coordination.

We help you organize around value streams, products, and business processes in a way that creates empowered autonomous teams with clear sight to making an impact on the business.

Only then do we apply the scaling practices that make sense in the context.



We focus on achieving strategic outcomes, not implementing buzzwords.

Our engagement will start with a Strategy Workshop exploring your WHY, helping you figure out the WHAT and HOW that makes sense in your context with an eye towards a minimum effective dose / viable change that will serve as the basis for inspection and adaptation cycles.