Thrive in uncertainty and ambiguity with a scalable business-level operating system leveraging agility principles

Are you frustrated that you can’t get anything significant done in your business?

Are cross-functional initiatives doomed from the get-go?

Have you spent months and $$$ executing plans that did not achieve the outcomes you desired?

More and more businesses are applying the principles used to build products—empowered cross-functional teams, aligned autonomy, and evidence-based empiricism—to scaling up the company/organization itself.

I’ve helped leaders in Biotech scale-ups, Healthcare providers, and technology companies create and evolve an agility-inspired operating system that can support their continued scale-up journey. These leaders chose to partner with me since they understood that when applying agile/agility for the business, its extra important to focus on first principles, critical thinking, and pragmatic application of context-relevant patterns.

Let’s discuss how to apply agility principles for your Business operating system
Agile Company Development

Elevating business scaling constraints through agility

Growing Pains I’ve been helping companies improve their operations for over a decade. A repeating pattern is where a successful company is facing growing pains, affecting its ability to scale to the next level. Some examples of the challenges I’m called in to help with: Losing the Ability to Get Complex Stuff Done You often …

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Dreams with Deadlines Yuval Yeret OKRs Business Agility

Exploring the Connection Between Business Agility, OKRs and Private Equity – Interview w/ Yuval on the Quantive Dreams with Deadlines Podcast

If you’re here, you might be interested in OKRs. If so you should check out the Dreams with Deadlines podcast published by Quantive (formerly Gtmhub). I was delighted to accept an invitation to come on the podcast to discuss OKRs, Business Agility, Agile, Evidence-based management and the connection to increasing value creation e.g. in the Private …

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Fix Your OKRs – Back to First Principles

Context OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) have become the latest management framework to suffer the fate of becoming popular too quickly, to the point where in many organizations, OKRs are a theater/charade with little useful substance or benefits. That’s a shame because OKRs have huge potential if used effectively. So let’s go about fixing your …

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Agility / Evidence-based Management and their role in improving returns in the Private Equity…

In this article, I’ll explore the need for and the attributes of an agile business operating system related to Private Equity (PE) portfolio companies. It hopefully helps leaders of such companies and PE professionals focused on the operations side expand their perspective on what “Agile” and “Agility” mean in their world and how they can …

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