Interview on the Private Equity Funcast -Understanding the Agile/Agility Ecosystem

I’ve been an avid listener of the Private Equity Funcast for a while. I find the Private/Growth Equity space fascinating—there are lots of potential synergies with my agility practice, interesting conversations, and exciting opportunities. On the Funcast, ParkerGale partners Jim, Devin, Paul, and their guests share their culture-oriented perspective and approach. True to the name, …

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Strategic Themes - Gradable KRs?

Should SAFe Strategic Themes include gradable Key Results?

Strategic Themes in SAFe represent strategic choices at the Enterprise/Portfolio level that should guide decisions throughout the portfolio. A qualitative Objective accompanied by a quantitative, valuable, and measurable evidence-oriented Key Result connected to a portfolio KPI is a great way to make sure the strategic theme is pointing toward desired outcomes without going into too …

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Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight w/ Yuval Yeret

I’m featured in the latest Community Podcast PST Spotlight series. Dave West and I talked about my background in DevOps and product development and how I developed my passion for agile and empiricism that has developed over the years. We talked about how I became a PST while introducing Kanban to the community, …

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The Fixing OKRs Live Stream Series

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with livestreaming around Fixing OKRs. This is a topic I’ve been writing and talking about for a while, here in the blog and on the conference circuit. If you’re interested in tuning in to upcoming live streams, you can follow me on LinkedIn or subscribe to my …

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Mapping Flow Metrics in SAFe, Professional Scrum with Kanban, Project 2 Product and Evidence-based Management

Suggested New Year Resolution – Improve Flow of Value!Start with Measuring Flow… but how? There are different flow metric taxonomies – how are they similar/different? In this live stream, I reviewed the PSK, Project 2 Product, SAFe, and EBM flow metrics taxonomies and how they map to each other. I also discussed the bigger picture …

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