Accelerating Flow Workshop

Applying Flow Accelerators in Context This workshop enables Enterprises and teams implementing and using SAFe to apply the eight Flow Accelerators within their context, learn how their area of flow affects the larger system, and commit as a workshop group to actions they will begin taking immediately. The workshop also refers SAFe customers to existing …

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Accelerate your SAFe Implementation Workshop

Accelerate your SAFe Implementation Workshop Designed for organizations who are leveraging Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe™) to improve their business agility, our Accelerating your SAFe™ Implementation Workshop focuses on re-aligning your SAFe implementation approach and identifying opportunities to accelerate flow and improve outcomes created by your SAFe ARTs, Value Streams and Portfolios. Going beyond training, this …

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Expanding My Collaborative Horizon – Teaming Up with Flow Sphere

Today, I want to share a major business update. Last week I associated my SAFe SPCT (and Fellowship) with Flow Sphere as part of a strategic partnership between Flow Sphere and my consulting practice Yeret Agility. Flow Sphere is a premier boutique agile consultancy, SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, and PTN, led by Sacha Czudek …

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Silver Bullet with Measures

OKR Implementation Tips

OKRs – Yet Another Silver Bullet It seems OKRs are the new “silver bullet” – VC/PE/GE Investors give John Dorr’s “Measure What Matters” book to their CEOs and strongly suggest that their portfolio companies use OKRs.  While the idea of using OKRs to improve strategic focus and alignment with execution is great, things often go …

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Combining SAFe PO and PM responsibilities with Professional Scrum PO Stances

Exploring the controversy around SAFe’s approach to Product Ownership

Exploring SAFe’s Approach to Product Ownership What is SAFe’s perspective on the Product Owner role? How does it differ from the Scrum Guide? Why is Product Ownership split to Product Owner and Product Manager in SAFe? SAFe’s approach to Product Ownership draws quite a bit of criticism. As a Professional Scrum Trainer who’s also a …

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