Strategic Alignment and Execution at Scale Leveraging OKRs – OKR Coaching and Training Services

OKR Implementation / Deployment Coaching

Discover how to enhance alignment between strategy and execution by mastering the utilization of frameworks like OKRs and Evidence-based Management (EBM). These tools help align strategic priorities and enable multi-disciplinary cross-organization teams to innovate with empowerment.

Typical Engagement

Here’s what my typical OKR launch/boost engagements look like:

  • Exploring current management operating system (whether using OKRs or not) and surrounding context – what’s working, what’s not, opportunities, and threats. This will be accomplished via quick conversations with relevant players and reviewing existing artifacts. 
  • Facilitate an OKR Implementation Strategy workshop to align on improvements for the company/group-level management/operating system.
    • This workshop starts by exploring the current context and challenges, objectives, and desired results.
    • We then explore principles and practices to help achieve the desired results and create an operating system that takes a pragmatic evolutionary step toward the desired results. This workshop section combines OKR / EBM training and in-context application conversations. 
    • The last part of the workshop is a conversation about the next steps – we draft a blueprint for the planned interventions, a roadmap for change, and a plan of what kind of support the group will need. 
  • OKR Training and Coaching
    • Based on the outcomes of the strategic workshop, we will co-create and then implement an OKR/EBM training and coaching roadmap. 
  • Coaching the leadership team through creating company-level OKRs conducive to the right balance between alignment towards outcomes and the right execution autonomy. 
  • Help prepare and facilitate a broad participation (Big Room) OKR workshop to align OKRs across the organization (based on my OKR Big Room Alignment framework)
  • Coach OKR execution check-ins, grading, debrief,ing and retrospectives – Inspect and Adapt several cycles of OKR implementation
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