Fixing and Boosting Your OKR Implementation

Fixing your OKRs is an advanced, hands-on workshop aimed at helping organizations fix/reset their OKR implementation. 

On the surface, implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is simple. But way too often, organizations miss out on some of the key ingredients needed to achieve the aligned initiative OKRs are designed for. 

Who is it for

This workshop is aimed at OKR practitioners and champions looking to recognize and fix issues in their OKR implementation to achieve the promised balance of alignment and initiative. 

Topics explored in the workshop

  • Introduction to OKRs – Why, What, How
  • OKR Theater
  • From activity to outcome-based OKRs
  • When to use (and not to use) OKRs – The relationship between OKRs and KPIs, running the business, and developing business capabilities
  • From using OKRs to micro-manage to creating an aligned empowered organization
  • Scaling OKRs – From strict cascades to informed OKR networks
  • Effectively combining OKRs and Agile ways of working
  • Using OKRs in a SAFe Scaled Agile Environment
  • Bringing empiricism and agility to OKRs leveraging Evidence-based Management

The Fixing Your OKRs workshop goes beyond training and is typically combined with an implementation/application workshop. It is also a good combination with the PAL-EBM curriculum that dives deeper into evidence-based management.

I’m interested in Fixing my OKRs implementation

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