About Yeret Agility

Helping people improve their ability to innovate and create value through pragmatic, focused, interventions leveraging lean and agile principles, practices, and frameworks.

I’m Yuval Yeret. I help people tap into the lean spirit of designing a minimum viable intervention, having a bias for action combined with a quick feedback loop of learning, reflection, and adaptation. We use this approach to navigate the path to agility and adaptive ways of working, leveraging pragmatic, collaborative, agile approaches to change at scale. I’m based in Boston. My clients are all over.

Leaders reach out to me when looking for ways to iterate faster and more effectively in product development without overly relying on recipes and dogma. More often than not, our perspective eventually broadens to using the same principles and mindset for developing business solutions and scaling the organization itself.

The engagements I thrive in involve taking an agile path to an agile organization. If that’s what you’re trying to do, let’s talk!

Yuval Yeret

My Background

I started my career in IT (Practicing DecSecOps in the Israeli Air Force way before the approach had a name…) and Product Development. I started practicing agile as a VP of engineering in 2006 when my organization struggled to get its act together. I’ve been helping others figure out how to leverage lean/agile concepts and practices since 2009. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the world’s leading technology companies, future and current unicorns, and future-leaning IT organizations.

Leveraging my extensive experience using Kanban as an alternative/complementary path towards agility at the team and organizational level, I helped create and nurture Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum with Kanban to help bring Kanban/Flow to more and more teams and organizations out there.

Current Focus

I’m based in the Boston area, and my focus these days is on three main areas:

  • Agile Companies – a.k.a. Business/organizational agility – leveraging agile ideas to help companies scale/grow – applying agile ON the business/company.
  • Agile Beyond Software – e.g., using agile approaches to design and bring to market either physical products (think the latest Gillette razor) or cyber-physical systems combining digital and physical into one experience.
  • Fix Agile – helping organizations evolve beyond mechanical or flailing attempts at achieving agility.

As the world’s sole Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer who’s also a SAFe Fellow/SPCT, I’m uniquely positioned to help organizations leverage SAFe WITH Professional Scrum as well as to nudge each of these important agile communities to have the courage to open up and consider alternative/complementary ideas.


Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer

SAFe Fellow


How to reach/follow me

I’m based in the Boston area. My clients are all over the world.

(617) 356-7093‬ yuval@yeretagility.com

Yeret Agility

Newton, MA 02459

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