Steve Lizotte – VP Engineering – NEC Americas

Yuval is the best Lean/Agile partner I have ever worked with. Over the 2+ years of our working relationship, he has consistently brought a pragmatic and refreshingly direct approach to problem-solving, coaching, and training. He leans in, and rather than prescribing a canned academic/textbook solution, he works with us to truly understand our core problems and then prescribes a tailored solution that works best for us. We have measured significant improvements in schedule adherence, quality, and customer satisfaction. The results have been dramatic.

In addition to working with our core development teams, Yuval has presented Lean/Agile fundamentals to senior executives within my organization and customers who participate in our Customer Advisory Board meetings.

He is a no-nonsense straight-talker, and I unconditionally recommend him to anyone serious about agile transformation.