My favorite Excel-based Agile Backlog Templates

(September 2015 update – This is actually quite outdated. Most people actually use an agile lifecycle management tool when they move on from post its… so I haven’t recently looked at any of those templates or others that might be out there… Just thought it would be fair to say that considering this is the most popular blog post on the site…)

People frequently ask me for simple Excel-based templates they can start with. Here is the list of references I provide them with. (From now on I can have a single pointer, how convenient…)

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Scrum Sprint Commitment Rant

Going on a Rant If there’s one thing that makes me mad whenever I see it is teams abusing the commitment concept in scrum. I’ve been on a rampage against dysfunctional sprint commitments for a while now, but lately my thoughts have crystalized a bit, especially when I had a chance to discuss this with …

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Kanban early warning using a predictive variant of SPC

A Confession. While I'm a great fan of using SPC charts to explore specific cycle times and reduce variation / continuously improve a Kanban System (a great blog by benjamin mitchell), I'm only seeing preliminary results in the field with teams I'm coaching. The main reasons are lack of tooling, lack of incentive to manually manage …

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