Fixing Your Agility

While there are common antipatterns and useful patterns, Each organization is unique. Fixing your agility is context-specific and can take multiple forms:

  • Strategic discovery/thinking workshop with leaders to explore current state and context, options, and align on high-level fixes
  • High-quality principles-focused training to reinforce missing/weak agile concepts
  • Capability/Maturity Assessment and co-creating a set of recommendations with a group of interested champions
  • Using Flow/Kanban to reinforce lean/agile principles and move away from mechanical agile
  • Working hands-on with specific teams, groups, and leaders to help build the right practices and reinforce principles

Regardless of the form, the overall goal is to build a leadership capability in your organization that will be responsible for the continued learning and evolution of your way of working, in alignment with agile principles and mindset. 

Do you need an Agile Fixer?