Handling scope change during a SAFe Program Increment (PI)

How do we handle Scope Changes in a SAFe Program Increment? A question about handling scope changes in SAFe was posed recently on a forum I’m participating in (The SAFe Community Forum). This is a question posed regularly in training and on ARTs I’m coaching so I thought I’d provide my thoughts here. How do …

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A different approach to estimations in SAFe

SAFe™ (The Scaled Agile Framework) uses Story Points throughout the various levels as its estimation currency. This is covered in the “Story” article on the SAFe site. This is a pretty standard practice in organizations scaling agile these days. If you dive a bit deeper into how this is done in SAFe you will see …

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Ba — A sense of togetherness — Amplified by Music

When teaching SAFe (The Scaled Agile Framework) we talk about “Ba” — the sense of togetherness and connectedness that amplifies the performance of teams and larger groups (e.g. Agile Release Trains). This week when visiting Leankit (To teach an Implementing SAFe 4.0 SPC4 class to their Customer Success coaching team) I had the opportunity to see their …

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Sensing and increasing manager engagement during an agile change initiative – guest post by Yaki Koren

Earlier this week I published a guest post about how managers need to change if they want agile to succeed by Yaki Koren. Some blog/twitter followers asked for elaboration and Yaki was gracious enough to comply. I suspect the fact that this is a really hot topic for him this week helped. Without further a …

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