Aras, a leader in Product Lifecycle Management, grappled with growth-induced complexities impacting communication, predictability, and product quality. Seeking solutions, Aras partnered with Yuval Yeret, an expert in agile transformations, to usher in a new era of innovation and efficiency.


  1. Agile Excellence: Under Yuval Yeret’s guidance, Aras transitioned to an agile framework, enabling seamless collaboration, faster releases, and improved product quality.
  2. Accelerated Releases: Release cycles plummeted from four months to just five weeks, enhancing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.
  3. Enhanced Predictability: Release target date delays were slashed from one to two months to zero to five days, empowering Aras to set accurate expectations.
  4. Empowered Teams: Agile principles decentralized decision-making, fostering autonomy and efficiency among cross-functional teams.
  5. Cultural Transformation: Yuval Yeret led Aras through a cultural shift, promoting self-organization and integrated testing for elevated collaboration and code reliability.

Implementation Approach:

  1. Strategic Education: Yuval Yeret’s tailored guidance and coaching ignited a deep understanding of agile principles, driving organizational alignment.
  2. Stepwise Progress: Aras began with a single team, refining agile practices and then scaled to multiple teams, ensuring a smooth transition.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Leadership Alignment: Yuval Yeret’s leadership alignment and persuasive rationale for agile principles paved the way for successful transformation.
  2. Iterative Adoption: Starting small and expanding gradually allowed Aras to fine-tune practices and ensure effective adoption.

Aras’ collaboration with Yuval Yeret propelled them towards agile excellence, yielding rapid innovation, enhanced collaboration, and market responsiveness. The transformation, orchestrated by Yeret, revolutionized Aras’ product development, quality, and operational efficiency.