Invitation-Based SAFe Implementation — a SAFe Guidance Article

Invitation and Pull-based approaches for implementing agile at scale has been a reoccurring theme in my work, writing and talks in recent years — including my talk at Agile 2016 and this series on my blog.

In recent months I was working on a SAFe guidance article on this topic. Richard Knaster as well as Dean Leffingwell & Inbar Oren helped crystallize the guidance and I’m really happy about the end result.


One of the key details in the approach I describe is our SAFe Implementation Strategy Leadership Focusing Workshop which is a variant of what we call the “Management Workshop”. This has become a staple of “The AgileSparks Way” — our approach for helping organizations figure out their agile implementation strategy while learning about real agility (as opposed to an Agile Theater).

Anyhow, Go read the full article at Invitation-Based SAFe Implementation — a SAFe Guidance Article. Afterwards let me know what you think. (Here are my contact details). While you’re at it there are a couple of other interesting guidance articles from other leading SAFe practitioners.

PS The invitations-based approach made it into the Implementing SAFe (SPC) class curriculum so naturally I discuss it in every class I deliver.