Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight w/ Yuval Yeret

I’m featured in the latest Community Podcast PST Spotlight series. Dave West and I talked about my background in DevOps and product development and how I developed my passion for agile and empiricism that has developed over the years. We talked about how I became a PST while introducing Kanban to the community, and my focus these days e.g. bringing the Scrum and Flow spirit to OKRs and scaling Scrum’s ideas in non-traditional environments, such as marketing, consumer goods and biotech, with a focus on integrating Agility and Evidence-Based Management to create a healthier OKR-based operating system.

We also touched on some trends in the Agile/Agility movement/industry such as the shift from practices to first principles and patterns.

Always fun to have a chat with Dave. Check it out!

Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight: Yuval Yeret Community Podcast

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1 thought on “Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight w/ Yuval Yeret”

  1. Great Podcast, I really enjoyed that and it was a good insight into the way that is driving your work.
    If it means anything, I’m aligned with your thinking. If you need any help I’ll be willing to help where needed if time allows.

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