Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight w/ Yuval Yeret

I’m featured in the latest Community Podcast PST Spotlight series. Dave West and I talked about my background in DevOps and product development and how I developed my passion for agile and empiricism that has developed over the years. We talked about how I became a PST while introducing Kanban to the community, and my focus these days e.g. bringing the Scrum and Flow spirit to OKRs and scaling Scrum’s ideas in non-traditional environments, such as marketing, consumer goods and biotech, with a focus on integrating Agility and Evidence-Based Management to create a healthier OKR-based operating system.

We also touched on some trends in the Agile/Agility movement/industry such as the shift from practices to first principles and patterns.

Always fun to have a chat with Dave. Check it out!

Professional Scrum Trainer Spotlight: Yuval Yeret Community Podcast

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