Interview on the Private Equity Funcast -Understanding the Agile/Agility Ecosystem

I’ve been an avid listener of the Private Equity Funcast for a while. I find the Private/Growth Equity space fascinating—there are lots of potential synergies with my agility practice, interesting conversations, and exciting opportunities. On the Funcast, ParkerGale partners Jim, Devin, Paul, and their guests share their culture-oriented perspective and approach.

True to the name, I had lots of fun discussing the Agile/Agility ecosystem, especially in the context of middle-market private equity portfolio companies with Jim Milbery (a Partner at the firm). I was pleasantly surprised with how much Jim knows about Agile and Agility so we could dive right into what we’re both seeing in the trenches – comparing notes and ideas and riffing off each other.

Some topics we covered –

  • The importance of principle-driven agility over rigid adherence to frameworks.
  • Leveraging agility in various industries, organizational functions, and broader business operations
  • “Agile Theater,” where companies follow agile rules without understanding the process.
  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as strategic guides rather than rigid metrics.
  • The unique position of private equity firms and consultants in driving agile transformations through pragmatic, principle-based solutions.

I hope you enjoy this episode at least as much as I did recording it – and consider subscribing.

PS For more on agility in private equity check out my article on Agility, Evidence-based Management and their role in improving returns in the Private Equity space

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