Accelerating Flow Workshop

Applying Flow Accelerators in Context

This workshop enables Enterprises and teams implementing and using SAFe to apply the eight Flow Accelerators within their context, learn how their area of flow affects the larger system, and commit as a workshop group to actions they will begin taking immediately. The workshop also refers SAFe customers to existing assets that can be used now to start measuring and improving flow. This Accelerate Flow workshop blends instruction with significant time to understand the organization’s challenges to flow, discuss ways to improve, and ultimately commit to a set of improvement items. The workshop is is designed to support the broad range of participants needed to optimize a full value stream or multiple value streams. 

Who will benefit?

The workshop supports everyone involved with building solutions with SAFe. Typical participants are those focused on understanding and accelerating Flow in their development value stream – RTEs, STEs, SPCs, SM/TCs, PMO/VMO and other ART/Solution Train/Portfolio Leaders.

What attendees will learn:

  • Know the available flow tools and coaching available to them
  • Align on current usage of the SAFe Flow Metrics within the organization
  • Understand how each of the SAFe Flow Accelerator applies within the organization
  • Align on actions and create a flow-based improvement backlog
  • Know how the improvement items affect the larger flow of the value stream or Portfolio
  • How to apply these SAFe Flow properties, Metrics and Accelerators in the context of their current tooling e.g. JIRA/ADO.

“we started measuring flow and applying flow accelerators and it has been key step forward in our SAFe journey. This reinforces our focus on other SAFe practices and helps us navigate the SAFe journey”


This workshop is designed to support a set of cross-functional attendees from Development Value Stream(s) applying SAFe for at least one PI.

Let’s discuss accelerating Flow in your SAFe implementation