Agility Consulting/Training Services

My Main Focus Areas

Steer towards Product-Market-Fit with Lean Startup Coaching

Most startups fail. Lean Startup seems trivial, but it is much more than just calling your initial product an MVP. As a certified LeanStack Coach, I can help you properly apply techniques such as MVP and Lean Canvas on your way to Product-Market-Fit and beyond. I mentor/coach early-stage startups and scaleups, corporate startups, and accelerator …

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Fixing Your Agility

While there are common antipatterns and useful patterns, Each organization is unique. Fixing your agility is context-specific and can take multiple forms: Strategic discovery/thinking workshop with leaders to explore current state and context, options, and align on high-level fixes High-quality principles-focused training to reinforce missing/weak agile concepts Capability/Maturity Assessment and co-creating a set of recommendations …

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Scale w/ SAFe Without Compromising Agility

Trusted partner for your Scaling journey Are you leading an Enterprise looking at SAFe? If you’re here, you might have figured out (maybe the hard way… ) that to succeed with SAFe, it’s really important to have the right partner. You realize that SPCs are a dime a dozen, and if you want real expertise …

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Professional Scrum and Kanban Training

There’s so much misunderstanding of team-level agility out there. I leverage certified training such as Professional Scrum with Kanban, Professional Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leadership, Evidence-based Management, and follow-up implementation strategy/support services, to help my clients level up their Scrum / Kanban game.

Thrive in uncertainty and ambiguity with a scalable business-level operating system leveraging agility principles

Are you frustrated that you can’t get anything significant done in your business? Are cross-functional initiatives doomed from the get-go? Have you spent months and $$$ executing plans that did not achieve the outcomes you desired? More and more businesses are applying the principles used to build products—empowered cross-functional teams, aligned autonomy, and evidence-based empiricism—to …

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Strategic Alignment and Execution at Scale Leveraging OKRs – OKR Coaching and Training Services

OKR Implementation / Deployment Coaching Discover how to enhance alignment between strategy and execution by mastering the utilization of frameworks like OKRs and Evidence-based Management (EBM). These tools help align strategic priorities and enable multi-disciplinary cross-organization teams to innovate with empowerment. Typical Engagement Here’s what my typical OKR launch/boost engagements look like: You can explore …

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Product/R&D Agility

Are you struggling to maintain agility while scaling/growing your organization? Do you need to disrupt yourself before you get disrupted? Improve your ability to innovate, your time to market, and value creation by leveraging Agile/DevOps principles and practices as appropriate in your context. I’ve helped dozens of product/R&D organizations of various sizes in a variety …

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Let’s discover how I might be able to help

My Services

Strategic Advisory

Most of my clients engage me in an ongoing strategic advisory/coaching role where I work with leaders and teams on designing, implementing, and calibrating relevant capabilities.

I’m also available for one-time / on-demand strategic consultations

Advisory / Coaching Services


I offer high impact training workshops with follow-up implementation/application sessions.

Training workshops can be off-the-shelf classes such as SAFe, Professional Scrum, my portfolio of training offerings, and custom-made workshops to fit specific needs.

High Impact Private Training Services

Fractional Leader

Need someone to lead your company’s product/scaling/agility journey? I can take on a fractional role on your leadership team and drive the journey.

Fractional Agility Leadership

Testimonials from my ADVISORY clients

Yuval helped us launch a scaled agile implementation in our group of 100 at Akamai. He ran custom in-house Leading SAFe training for us and guided a value stream identification and realization strategic workshop. Several of us also attended Yuval’s Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master courses to improve our Agile basics. Yuval was a clear and effective instructor. He covered a lot of substantive material quickly in an interactive way that helped it make sense and stick. His tech leadership background was essential in helping us understand how to apply Agile and SAFe within our specific business and technical contexts. Always encouraging us to return to the Agile principles and think flexibly, he prepared us to embark on a successful Agile journey that involved constant inspection, reflection, and adjustment. Four years later, our implementation is tuned, allowing our teams to achieve much more than was possible before, with a higher level of transparency and collaboration with organizational and portfolio management. I highly recommend Yuval for Agile or scaled Agile teaching, coaching, or assistance anywhere on your Agile journey!