INVEST in effective SAFe PI Objectives

Could the INVEST criteria Bill Wake came up with for evaluating User Stories help us come up with effective PI Objectives in SAFe as well? I think a good PI Objective should be: – Independent — meaning ideally it could be delivered and evaluated on its own without any dependency on other PI Objectives. And if a …

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Handling scope change during a SAFe Program Increment (PI)

How do we handle Scope Changes in a SAFe Program Increment? A question about handling scope changes in SAFe was posed recently on a forum I’m participating in (The SAFe Community Forum). This is a question posed regularly in training and on ARTs I’m coaching so I thought I’d provide my thoughts here. How do …

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SAFe Program Dependency Board Retrospective

Learning from the SAFe Program Dependency Board The SAFe Program Board or Program Dependency Board is a key artifact used in PI Planning and Execution. The ART Teams and Stakeholders used it to align, anticipate risks, and adapt the plan accordingly. This “inspection and adaptation” of the plan based on insights from the Program Dependency …

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