Please don’t come to our Implementing SAFe SPC4 workshops

Seriously, please don’t come.

Don’t come if you’re looking at it as a formality since you already know everything about agile and just need the SPC (SAFe Program Consultant) Certificate.

Don’t come if you’re looking for the cheapest way to get your SPC so that you can add it to your resume.

Don’t come if you don’t know anything about agile and believe the SPC is your silver bullet to becoming an agile coach at the enterprise level.

Don’t come if you’re looking for the certificate rubber stamp.

What we want in our Implementing SAFe classes are participants who :

Are looking to start/continue their Lean/Agile journey. Even coaches practicing agile for 10 years have something to learn and should come curious and willing to explore and take something away.

Know investing 4 of their days is a major investment and it’s more important to get great trainers and experience than saving a couple of $$$. The SPC class or any SAFe class for that matter isn’t a commodity. It matters who’s teaching it. (We try to help people investing in their personal development paying out of pocket but we don’t promise or even try to be the cheapest. we will try to help you take our class if you value taking it from us)

Know what they’re capable and won’t run out of the class, pass the SPC exam and run to teach classes and implement SAFe on their own if they have zero past experience in scaling agile to the enterprise level.

Care about helping their organization or other organizations scale agile in a healthy professional sustainable way and see their SPC as a means towards that end.

Don’t get me wrong — 99% of the people who attend our workshops are the right kind of people. I’m just hoping we are able to keep the wrong people away.

Bottom line — You won’t get far with us if you ask for “50% off on the ticket price since you’re an amazing agile coach already and just need this as a formality”. Just saying.

OK I got that out of the system :-) Now I’m ready to go teach a great Implementing SAFe 4.6 w/ SPC4 workshop next week with the right set of people and my colleague and friend SPCT candidate Ofer Cohen!