Improve your ability to innovate and create value through pragmatic, focused interventions leveraging lean and agile principles, practices, and frameworks.

Yuval Yeret

Welcome to Yeret Agility

I’m Yuval Yeret. I help people tap into the lean spirit of designing a minimum viable intervention, having a bias for action combined with a quick feedback loop of learning, reflection, and adaptation. We use this approach to navigate the path to agility and adaptive ways of working, leveraging pragmatic, collaborative, agile approaches to change at scale. I’m based in Boston. My clients are all over.

Leaders reach out to me when looking for ways to iterate faster and more effectively in product development without overly relying on recipes and dogma. More often than not, our perspective eventually broadens to using the same principles and mindset for developing business solutions and scaling the organization itself.

The engagements I thrive in involve taking an agile path to an agile organization. If that’s what you’re trying to do, let’s talk!

Let’s design your Minimum Viable Intervention

Kind words from customers

Yuval is a highly experienced agile professional and trainer, a skilled interventionist, and an A+ team player in everything he does. He is highly skilled with clients in bringing his knowledge and intuition to help them meet their goals. Yuval is the best of the best.
It was such a pleasure to work with Yuval. His attention to detail and training program were exactly what we were looking for. He has a way of communicating change in a way that is easy to understand. I absolutely loved working with Yuval and would encourage everyone to work with him. Would absolutely hire him and his company again! Thanks Yuval!
We wanted to explore using agile methodologies within our Biotech environment. Yuval worked with us to produce a full programme of training and implementing / adapting Scrum with Kanban across our entire ecosystem. Yuval was flexible in his approach, spent time discussing specifics and his coaching and subject matter expertise was invaluable. 18 months later and agile is a normal part of how we operate.
Yuval led the agile training at Gillette, which was linked to a major innovation project we were working on (The Exfoliating Razor). The project was on extreme timing and we needed to rethink how to create innovation without sacrificing quality. Yuval trained us on the basics and then consulted with us to help us define the best process. His collaborative, patient, and iterative learning approach was great for our team, which was initially hesitant. His dedication and persistence paid off and enriched the team with a new way of working for future innovation projects. I highly recommend partnering with Yuval on any project where you need to identify new ways of working faster and better.

High Impact Engagements

I work with a diverse set of companies ranging from startups, incubators, accelerators, and scale-ups, to some of the world’s most prominent technology and consumer brands.

My Services

Coaching / Guidance

I’m available for one-time expert consultations, on-demand coaching multiple times a month, and retainer-level availability. Coaching sessions can be 1:1, with a specific team, or with a community of practice/cohort.

Coaching / Guidance Services


I offer private training workshops with follow-up implementation/application sessions.

Training workshops can be off-the-shelf classes such as SAFe, Professional Scrum, my portfolio of training offerings, and custom-made workshops to fit specific needs.

Private Training Services

Fractional Agile Champion

Need someone to “Own” your company’s agile/agility journey? I can step into a fractional Agile Champion / Chief Agility Officer role and work with your executive leadership team on driving agility the right way across your organization.

Hire me as your Agile Champion

Why work with me

As an Agile expert/consultant/trainer, I’ve worked in many different organizations and contexts – from startups through unicorns to enterprises. My unique (almost unfair) advantage?

1. Deep expertise in a variety of lean/agile approaches
2. Pragmatic flexible application to different contexts with a strategic view towards intent rather than a mechanic implementation
3. Ability to create powerful mashups and new practices built on solid principles

After some reflection, I realized that I’m in my “zone” when I’m partnering with leaders looking for ways to leverage agile/agility in the broader sense to deal with some of the hard wicked challenges of either product development or company growth/transformation.

We tackle these challenges like the best teams develop products. We leverage fast learning cycles when defining and deploying change in the organization’s operations. I help leaders create empowered teams that operate with strategic clarity. We overcome silos using cross-functional networks of teams. You might say it’s all about trying to operate like a startup, even after you’re a scaleup or an enterprise. Or it’s like applying modern product development approaches to build/develop the company/organization.

Let’s design your Minimum Viable Intervention

I focus on achieving strategic outcomes, not implementing buzzwords.

Our engagement will start with a Strategy Workshop exploring your WHY, helping you figure out the WHAT and HOW that makes sense in your context with an eye towards a minimum effective dose / viable change that will serve as the basis for inspection and adaptation cycles.

I find that the key to effectively scaling an organization is to create a team architecture/topology that minimizes the need for coordination.

I help leaders organize their teams around value streams, products, and business processes in a way that creates empowered autonomous teams with clear sight to making an impact on the business.

Only then do we apply the scaling practices that make sense in the context.

I’m the only individual worldwide with the highest accreditation levels in both the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe Fellow/SPCT) and Scrum ( Professional Scrum Trainer – PST)

I’m a contributor to the growth and maturation of Kanban, SAFe, Agile Marketing, Business Agility, and the creation of’s Professional Scrum with Kanban course and guide

My thought leadership in the Scaled Agile Framework world was acknowledged when Scaled Agile designated me as a SAFe Fellow.

Fixing Your Agility

While there are common antipatterns and useful patterns, Each organization is unique. Fixing your agility is context-specific and can take multiple forms: Strategic discovery/thinking workshop with leaders to explore current state and context, options, and align on high level fixes High-quality principles-focused training to reinforce missing/weak agile concepts Capability/Maturity Assessment and co-creating a set of …

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Scale Agility Leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework

Check out the SAFe Invitations guidance article, where I describe how to leverage lean/agile principles when implementing SAFe. It will familiarize you with my thinking on some best practices to reinforce and anti-patterns to beware of on the SAFe journey.

Professional Scrum and Kanban Training

There’s so much misunderstanding of team-level agility out there. I leverage certified training such as Professional Scrum with Kanban, Professional Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leadership, Evidence-based Management, and follow-up implementation strategy/support services, to help my clients level up their Scrum / Kanban game.

Create a Business-level Operating System Leveraging Agility

Are you struggling to execute effectively on complex cross-cutting initiatives? Learn to design and lead such initiatives using agility principles and practices. Over time, you will learn to work ON your business, leveraging lean/agile principles and practices. (aka Business as a Product).

Launch / Boost your OKRs practice to improve alignment between Strategy and Execution

Launch / Boost your OKR practice Discover how to enhance alignment between strategy and execution by mastering the utilization of frameworks like OKRs and Evidence-based Management (EBM). These tools help align strategic priorities and enable multi-disciplinary cross-organization teams to innovate with empowerment. Typical Engagement Here’s how my typical OKR launch/boost engagements look like: You can …

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Product/R&D Agility

Are you struggling to maintain agility while scaling/growing your organization? Do you need to disrupt yourself before you get disrupted? Improve your ability to innovate, your time to market, and value creation by leveraging Agile/DevOps principles and practices as appropriate in your context.
Are you ready to work towards real agility?

How to reach/follow me

I’m based in the Boston area. My clients are all over the world.

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