Impressions from Lean Systems and Software Conference 2012 Boston

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As I prepare to check out from the Boston Seaport Hotel which was the venue of this year's LSSC conference (and did a magnificent job hosting us!), here are my highlights/impressions of the conference. The buzzword of the conference seems to have been "Lean Startup". It permeated into many talks (including mine) in two main aspects - One was the classic product/customer-focused Lean Startup as an alternative narrative to Lean/Agile. The other was taking the ideas of fast cycles of [...]

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Reasons to come early to conferences, or at least to LSSC Lean Software and Systems Conferences

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Its early wednesday, I'm at Long Beach for LSSC11 - the main US conference for the Lean Software Systems Consortium also at - the community practicing and leading Lean and Kanban in software development. The main conference starts this morning and my talk is this afternoon, but so much has happened already, I'm really glad I arrived early. So what are the reasons to arrive early to LSSC conferences? Breaking Bread Socializing with other participants - Starting monday afternoon and [...]

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