Dealing with Technical Debt in Product Development

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I uploaded a new presentation to slideshare. This time - some symptoms that tell you there is a lot of Technical Debt, and a bit on how to deal with it. [slideshare id=6783873&doc=dealingwithtechnicaldebt-110202025010-phpapp02] Do you see this happening in your environment? What are you doing about it?

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Want to experience agile in an accelerated form and focus on innovation at the same time? Try an agile FedEx day!

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A while ago I wrote about Slack and FedEx Day and why I think its important to have slack in the system, and why a FedEx Day is a good way to to run an innovation day. A few days ago we had the first inaugural AgileSparks FedEx Day. Since we are, after all, a company which believes in agile approaches, we decided to some dogfooding an run our FedEx day in an agile form. We started with identifying the [...]

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