Accredited Kanban Training

Lean-Kanban University Announces First-Ever Accredited Kanban Training Program Lean-Kanban University.

Those involved in the Kanban world are aware of the growing demand for high-quality training and some standard that makes sense of what good Kanban training consists of and the need to feel you are “in good hands” when you’re taking it.

In the last couple of months AgileSparks has been working with other leaders of the Kanban Method for knowledge work community on a Training Program that will address this demand.

Today the results are shared with the world, and we feel quite good about them. As you can read in the PR above the Lean-Kanban University Kanban Training Program aims to ensure high quality training by accrediting the Training Organization, The Trainer and the Training Curriculum. Various levels of training will be provided.

Note that the training is not aiming to certify anyone. We believe certification is valuable if it indeed holds real substance but that is a high claim and we are still considering what it would entail to certify practitioners.

AgileSparks is a charter member of the program and yours truly is one of the initial group of accredited trainers… so look forward to first accredited kanban training classes in Israel in Spring 2012, details will be on of course. Feel free to contact me or AgileSparks if you’re interested in Kanban Training in Israel or elsewhere…


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