Better late than never — Slides from the Agile Marketing @ Scale at CA Technologies talk in Boston…

It took us some time, but the slides from our (Steve Wolfe from CA and myself) December talk in the Boston Agile Marketing meetup are finally publicly available.

Agile marketing @ Scale at CA Technologies — Boston Agile Marketing Meetup December 2016 from Yuval Yeret

How can large, traditional marketing organizations — those that rely on functional departments, and annual marketing plans / budgets hope to keep up? We believe the answers lie in an Agile approach, and we are working hard to transform our marketing department from a plan / interrupt driven culture to one that can quickly sense and respond to customer needs and market changes.

This is easier said than done in a 350 person organization, but we are finding the solutions are familiar, and are rooted in a scaled agile approach. The key ingredients we have found so far include:

• A servant leadership mindset that lets go of details and actively supports team success

• Full cross-functional agile teams that eliminate the overhead of cross-departmental hand-offs and coordination

• Larger delivery groups organized around a set of solutions that deliver on a larger / holistic value proposition (aka release trains)

• Adaptive value delivery supported by experimentation, measurement, collaborative planning, and transparent execution

Our journey isn’t complete yet, but we are seeing real results. Join Steve Wolfe from CA Technologies and Yuval Yeret from AgileSparks to hear about CA’s journey to marketing agility, including key challenges faced and learnings applied along the way.

For an updated version of this talk — come see my talk in Agile 2017 Orlando next month!

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