Holy Land Kanban Book

Taking a cue from Elisabeth Hendrickson I decided to take the plunge and create a book out of a collection of my favorite blog posts, using Leanpub.

This has been a fun experience, it took me some days of selecting, editing and figuring out the publication workflow, which is useful to help me understand better what I need to go through with the original book I’m currently working on.

The book is now on sale at “Holy Land Kanban”, with PDF, Kindle, Mobi versions so you can read it in your favorite ebook reader, touchpad, or computer. As a token of appreciation to my blog readers (this wouldn’t be possible without the joy of seeing people read the posts, comment on them, share them, talk to me about them) you can get the book at an even cheaper price than the already low “impulse buy” price. Just use “yyblog” to get it for 2$ during the month of February.

Hope you enjoy the book! I certainly enjoyed selecting and cleaning up earlier writings.

Now its time to get back to the original book I’m writing about Kanban in the real world…

Holy Land Kanban Book - Leanpub




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