The Scaled Agile Marketing Series

Introduction to the Scaled Agile Marketing Series

More and more Marketing organizations realize they need to be faster, more flexible/responsive and more collaborative to have a real impact on the business they’re supporting. More and more marketing leaders believe Agile Marketing is the way to modernize their organization. Scaled Agile Marketing talks about applying Agile Marketing principles beyond one team and beyond the green fields of the unicorn internet company — in larger marketing organizations which face barriers like marketing to businesses rather than consumers and working not just in the online/digital realm but also the physical world.

Inspired by Agile Development, Agile Marketing describes a mindset of continuous learning and validation, customer-focused collaboration across functional silos, adaptive and iterative campaigns and more responsive/continuous planning. Similar to development organizations, Agile Marketing teams use techniques such as Scrum to work in an iterative cadence and Kanban to visualize and improve the flow of work.

Most of the agile values, principles, and practices map pretty well to the world of Marketers. Modifications to the language and choice of practices are needed. Agile Marketing has been growing in popularity in recent years. Larger and larger organizations are now trying to apply Agile Marketing and are looking for a scalable approach.

For medium/large marketing organizations looking to improve their agility this series explores:

If you’re interested to learn more about Agile Marketing — check out our Agile Marketing-focused page. It has a link to some of our favorite resources out there.

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