Upcoming conferences I’m speaking at – Fall 2014

I’ve been very busy the last few months working with clients and the next months don’t look any better (Not complaining though…). As a result I need to choose very carefully which conferences to attend. As usual, I only go to conferences I’m speaking at. But this year I went even further and dramatically limited the CFPs (Calls for Presentations) I submitted to.

Lean Kanban Central Europe 2014 specifically is a conference I’m skipping despite it being one of my favorite events. But I decided to prioritize for meeting new audiences and communities, and something’s gotta give…



In the Lean Kanban world I’m attending and speaking at Lean Kanban France 2014 which takes place on the 5-6th of November. I was invited to speak there and it will also be an opportunity to see what is going on in the French Lean/Kanban community. The fact that Donald Reinertsen is giving his Applied Principles of Flow workshop that week in Paris and I will finally be able to attend it gives Paris a couple of bonus points… I’ll be speaking about good and bad ways to kickstart agile the kanban way based on our experience doing it in the trenches in the last couple of years.

A totally new territory for me is Velocity EU conference which takes place two weeks later in Barcelona. This conference focuses on the web world – both the technologies and the people/cultural aspects involved in creating great companies/operations shaped to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Since we are doing more and more work in the Web space at AgileSparks – either with medium-sized startups or with full-scale enterprises we are investing a lot of energies and attention into the DevOps/Continuous Delivery world. I’m going to speak about what we learned about using the Kanban Method as a way towards DevOps especially in the context of legacy enterprises. I’m also looking forward to learning from others and exchanging ideas as well as reconnect a bit to the technology aspects which I left behind ages ago (I did develop Clustering/High Availability/Networking solutions some years ago and was on the Networking/Security Ops side some years before that…).
BTW, If you’re registering to Velocity, use FRIENDSPKR to get a 20% discount. And come say hi when you’re there!

Other than these two conferences I’ll have to track other interesting conferences from afar…

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