JIRA – Bug Tracking, issue tracking and project management software
Recently we’ve been looking at overhauling the issue tracker we use for our software development life cycle (SDLC) where I work.
We currently use Bugzilla but we think it has serious shortcomings when starting to talk about multiple versions being maintained concurrently, custom fields necessary to track stuff we care about (such as metrics, release version for a bug, etc.).
I guess bugzilla is better suited to projects which care less about old versions, and more about the tip.

My research took me thru several tools (Mantis, Eventum, TestTrackPro, Trac) and currently JIRA, although commercial, seems like the best fit.

They also provide Confluence which is a very nice enterprise wiki, which has us quite drooling here.

I’ll go into details about what we care about and what we think about the other tools sometime else when I have more time for this…

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