Finding the right Dev to Test Ratio when working in Kanban

By |2010-08-03T16:49:01-04:00August 3, 2010|Agile Testing, Blog, kanban|

In a previous post I started talking about the ratio between Dev and Test, and promised to revisit how it looks like in an Agile/Kanban environment. Whenever I talk to teams/managers about Kanban, whether as part of a workshop, or with a team actually practicing Kanban, the issue of testing as the bottleneck surfaces quite quickly. A typical situation looks like this: What we see here is a classic bottleneck in a kanban system. Testing are at their [...]

Agile antipattern: Code freezes during each iteration

By |2009-06-04T21:54:36-04:00June 4, 2009|Blog|

Bob Hartman, from the Agile for All blog writes about the agile antipatterns insanity - continue doing the same things that always fail, thinking they will work better the next time without changing anything. I agree with every word, especially with the pattern of testing late, and code freezes during each iteration I see this on many of the teams I'm coaching. Go read what Bob has to say... One reason I hear from teams that Bob didn't mention is [...]

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