How to “restart” your Improvement Journey – A facilitation guide

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Previously on "The Agile Journey"... So some time ago - maybe months or years - you decided to go for Lean/Agile. You went ahead and started to use Scrum/Kanban to break the waterfall and achieve a more agile operation. These were exciting times. First, that time of making sure you understand what you are trying to achieve, checking out all the options, building the plan. Maybe forming new teams, maybe not. Maybe you went for an evolutionary change or a [...]

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“We are already Lean/Agile” – Really?

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These days more and more organizations think they are Agile A couple of years ago when you talked to people about agile a common response "why should we", "it won't work here", or "so this is the new fad? What will come next?" Times have changed. And a sign of the fact that agile is becoming more mainstream is that it being diluted and a common response these days is "but we are already agile!". I want to share a [...]

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