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Open Space Agility Handbook Book Review

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I’ve been playing and experimenting with the idea of pulling people into agile transformations instead of pushing them for several years. I find the idea holds great promise and these days I try to integrate it into my work as an enterprise lean/agile consultant whenever I can.
I found the Open Space Agility movement/framework headed by Daniel Mezick pretty useful as a way to structure/guide my way.

Daniel and a couple of colleagues just released a short and sweet handbook about Open Space Agility.

OpenSpace Agility Handbook on Amazon

Tho book provides very useful introduction and guidance for those interested to move from the Push/Mandate world to the Pull/Invitation/Opt-in/Consent world that is much more aligned with Lean/Agile thinking of “Respect People”, “Individuals and Interactions” and “Self-organized teams”.

Especially as this idea is disruptive to how agile transformations typically happen these days (as do other types of changes/transformations), having a “big picture” and a book, especially one so clear and instructive will help the idea “cross the chasm”.

If you’re already familiar with Open Space Technology you will find the “Open Space Agility” specific extensions coverage most interesting. If you’re new to Open Space Technology this handbook provides an “executive summary” of what you need to know if you’re considering inviting it into your organization.
Even as an early adopter and a follower of the Open Space Agility movement I found some illuminating details in this book so I highly recommend it for anyone considering launching a lean/agile initiative or is frustrated by the oppression and lack of energies around an existing initiative.

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